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Brand names in drugs category Cardio & Blood:

Brand NameGeneric Name 
AceonPerindoprilGET PRICE
Adalat, ProcardiaNifedipineGET PRICE
AltaceRamiprilGET PRICE
AvaproIrbesartanGET PRICE
CaduetAmlodipine Besylate/Atorvastatin CalciumGET PRICE
Calan, IsoptinVerapamilGET PRICE
CapotenCaptoprilGET PRICE
CardizemDiltiazemGET PRICE
CarduraDoxazosin MesylateGET PRICE
CatapresClonidineGET PRICE
Cilexetil, AtacandCandesartanGET PRICE
CombipresClonidine, ChlorthalidoneGET PRICE
CordaroneAmiodaroneGET PRICE
CoregCarvedilolGET PRICE
CoumadinWarfarin SodiumGET PRICE
CozaarLosartan PotassiumGET PRICE
DibenzylinePhenoxybenzamine HclGET PRICE
DiovanValsartanGET PRICE
Esidrix, HydroDiuril, Oretic, Microzide†HydrochlorothiazideGET PRICE
HytrinTerazosinGET PRICE
HyzaarLosartan Potassium/HydrochlorothiazideGET PRICE
InderalPropranololGET PRICE
Ismo, Monoket, ImdurIsosorbide MononitrateGET PRICE
Isordil, SorbitrateIsosorbide DinitrateGET PRICE
LanoxinDigoxin (Digitek)GET PRICE
LasixFurosemide, FrusemideGET PRICE
LopressorMetoprololGET PRICE
LotensinBenazepril HydrochlorideGET PRICE
LozolIndapamideGET PRICE
MicardisTelmisartanGET PRICE
MinipressPrazosinGET PRICE
ModureticAmiloride Hcl/HydrochlorothiazideGET PRICE
NormadateLabetalol HclGET PRICE
NorpaceDisopyramideGET PRICE
NorvascAmlodipine BesylateGET PRICE
PlavixClopidogrel BisulfateGET PRICE
PlendilFelodipineGET PRICE
Prinivil, ZestrilLisinoprilGET PRICE
PrinzideLisinopril/HydrochlorothiazideGET PRICE
RythmolPropafenone HclGET PRICE
TenoreticAtenolol, ChlorthalidoneGET PRICE
TenorminAtenololGET PRICE
TrentalPentoxifyllineGET PRICE
VasereticEnalapril Maleate-HCTZGET PRICE
VasotecEnalaprilGET PRICE
ZebetaBisoprololGET PRICE

Generic equivalent names in drugs category Cardio & Blood:

Generic NameBrand Name 
Amiloride Hcl/HydrochlorothiazideModureticGET PRICE
AmiodaroneCordaroneGET PRICE
Amlodipine BesylateNorvascGET PRICE
Amlodipine Besylate/Atorvastatin CalciumCaduetGET PRICE
AtenololTenorminGET PRICE
Atenolol, ChlorthalidoneTenoreticGET PRICE
Benazepril HydrochlorideLotensinGET PRICE
BisoprololZebetaGET PRICE
CandesartanCilexetil, AtacandGET PRICE
CaptoprilCapotenGET PRICE
Captopril/HctzGET PRICE
CarvedilolCoregGET PRICE
ClonidineCatapresGET PRICE
Clonidine, ChlorthalidoneCombipresGET PRICE
Clopidogrel BisulfatePlavixGET PRICE
Digoxin (Digitek)LanoxinGET PRICE
DiltiazemCardizemGET PRICE
DisopyramideNorpaceGET PRICE
Doxazosin MesylateCarduraGET PRICE
EnalaprilVasotecGET PRICE
Enalapril Maleate-HCTZVasereticGET PRICE
FelodipinePlendilGET PRICE
FosinoprilGET PRICE
Furosemide, FrusemideLasixGET PRICE
HydrochlorothiazideEsidrix, HydroDiuril, Oretic, Microzide†GET PRICE
IndapamideLozolGET PRICE
IrbesartanAvaproGET PRICE
Isosorbide DinitrateIsordil, SorbitrateGET PRICE
Isosorbide MononitrateIsmo, Monoket, ImdurGET PRICE
Labetalol HclNormadateGET PRICE
LisinoprilPrinivil, ZestrilGET PRICE
Lisinopril/HydrochlorothiazidePrinzideGET PRICE
Losartan PotassiumCozaarGET PRICE
Losartan Potassium/HydrochlorothiazideHyzaarGET PRICE
MetoprololLopressorGET PRICE
NifedipineAdalat, ProcardiaGET PRICE
PentoxifyllineTrentalGET PRICE
PerindoprilAceonGET PRICE
Phenoxybenzamine HclDibenzylineGET PRICE
PrazosinMinipressGET PRICE
Propafenone HclRythmolGET PRICE
PropranololInderalGET PRICE
RamiprilAltaceGET PRICE
TelmisartanMicardisGET PRICE
TerazosinHytrinGET PRICE
ValsartanDiovanGET PRICE
Valsartan/HctzGET PRICE
VerapamilCalan, IsoptinGET PRICE
Warfarin SodiumCoumadinGET PRICE

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