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Drugs having a brand name that starts with the letter 'C':

Brand NameGeneric Name 
CaduetAmlodipine Besylate/Atorvastatin CalciumGET PRICE
Calan, IsoptinVerapamilGET PRICE
CapotenCaptoprilGET PRICE
CarafateSucralfateGET PRICE
CardizemDiltiazemGET PRICE
CarduraDoxazosin MesylateGET PRICE
CasodexBicalutamideGET PRICE
CasodexBicalutamideGET PRICE
CatapresClonidineGET PRICE
CataspaDiclofenac Potassium/ Dicyclomine HclGET PRICE
CaverjectAlprostadilGET PRICE
CeclorCefaclorGET PRICE
CeftinCefuroximeGET PRICE
CelebrexCelecoxibGET PRICE
CelexaCitalopram HydrobromideGET PRICE
CellceptMycophenolate MofetilGET PRICE
ChloromycetinChloramphenicolGET PRICE
CialisTadalafilGET PRICE
Cilexetil, AtacandCandesartanGET PRICE
Cipro, CiloxanCiprofloxacinGET PRICE
ClarinexDesloratadineGET PRICE
ClaritinLoratadineGET PRICE
CleocinClindamycinGET PRICE
Clomid, SeropheneClomipheneGET PRICE
ClozarilClozapineGET PRICE
ColestidColestipolGET PRICE
CombipresClonidine, ChlorthalidoneGET PRICE
CombivirLamivudine/ZidovudineGET PRICE
CompazineProchlorperazine MaleateGET PRICE
ComtanEntacaponeGET PRICE
CordaroneAmiodaroneGET PRICE
CoregCarvedilolGET PRICE
CoumadinWarfarin SodiumGET PRICE
CozaarLosartan PotassiumGET PRICE
CrestorRosuvastatin CalciumGET PRICE
CrixivanIndinavirGET PRICE
CyclogylCyclopentolateGET PRICE
CyklokapronTranexamic AcidGET PRICE
CymbaltaDuloxetine HclGET PRICE
CytotecMisoprostolGET PRICE
CytoxanCyclophosphamideGET PRICE

Drugs having a generic name that starts with the letter 'C':

Generic NameBrand Name 
CabergolineDostinexGET PRICE
CalcipotrieneDovonexGET PRICE
CalcitriolRocaltrolGET PRICE
Calcium AcetatePhosloGET PRICE
CandesartanCilexetil, AtacandGET PRICE
CaptoprilCapotenGET PRICE
Captopril/HctzGET PRICE
CarbamazepineTegretolGET PRICE
Carbidopa, LevodopaSinemetGET PRICE
CarvedilolCoregGET PRICE
CefaclorCeclorGET PRICE
CefadroxilDuricefGET PRICE
CefdinirOmnicefGET PRICE
CefiximeSupraxGET PRICE
CefpodoximeVantinGET PRICE
CefuroximeCeftinGET PRICE
CelecoxibCelebrexGET PRICE
CephalexinKeftabGET PRICE
CetirizineZyrtecGET PRICE
ChlorambucilLeukeranGET PRICE
ChloramphenicolChloromycetinGET PRICE
ChloroquineAralenGET PRICE
ChlorzoxazoneParafonGET PRICE
Cholestyramine ResinQuestran LiteGET PRICE
CiclopiroxPenlacGET PRICE
CilostazolPletalGET PRICE
CiprofloxacinCipro, CiloxanGET PRICE
Citalopram HydrobromideCelexaGET PRICE
ClarithromycinBiaxinGET PRICE
ClemastineGET PRICE
ClindamycinCleocinGET PRICE
ClobetasolTemovateGET PRICE
ClofazimineLampreneGET PRICE
ClomipheneClomid, SeropheneGET PRICE
Clomipramine HydrochlorideAnafranilGET PRICE
ClonidineCatapresGET PRICE
Clonidine, ChlorthalidoneCombipresGET PRICE
Clopidogrel BisulfatePlavixGET PRICE
ClotrimazoleFemcareGET PRICE
ClozapineClozarilGET PRICE
Co-trimoxazoleBactrimGET PRICE
ColchicineGET PRICE
ColestipolColestidGET PRICE
Cromolyn SodiumGET PRICE
CyclopentolateCyclogylGET PRICE
CyclophosphamideCytoxanGET PRICE
CycloserineSeromycinGET PRICE
CyproheptadinePeriactinGET PRICE

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