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Drugs having a brand name that starts with the letter 'S':

Brand NameGeneric Name 
SectralAcebutololGET PRICE
SereventSalmeterolGET PRICE
SeromycinCycloserineGET PRICE
SeroquelQuetiapineGET PRICE
SinemetCarbidopa, LevodopaGET PRICE
SinequanDoxepin HydrochlorideGET PRICE
SingulairMontelukastGET PRICE
SoriataneAcitretinGET PRICE
SporanoxItraconazoleGET PRICE
StarlixNateglinideGET PRICE
StratteraAtomoxetineGET PRICE
SularNisoldipineGET PRICE
SupraxCefiximeGET PRICE
SustivaEfavirenzGET PRICE
SynalarFluocinoloneGET PRICE

Drugs having a generic name that starts with the letter 'S':

Generic NameBrand Name 
SalmeterolSereventGET PRICE
Salmeterol/FluticasoneAdvairGET PRICE
SelegilineEldeprylGET PRICE
SertralineZoloftGET PRICE
Sevelamer HydrochlorideRenagelGET PRICE
Sildenafil CitrateViagraGET PRICE
SimvastatinZocorGET PRICE
Sodium ValproateGET PRICE
SolifenacinVesicareGET PRICE
SotalolBetapaceGET PRICE
SparfloxacinZagamGET PRICE
SpironolactoneAldactoneGET PRICE
StavudineZeritGET PRICE
SucralfateCarafateGET PRICE
SulbutiamineArcalionGET PRICE
Sulfadoxine-PyrimethamineFansidarGET PRICE
SulfasalazineAzulfidineGET PRICE
SumatriptanImitrexGET PRICE

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