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Brand names in drugs category Other:

Brand NameGeneric Name 
AralenChloroquineGET PRICE
ArcalionSulbutiamineGET PRICE
AriceptDonepezil HclGET PRICE
BenadrylDiphenhydramineGET PRICE
CompazineProchlorperazine MaleateGET PRICE
CyklokapronTranexamic AcidGET PRICE
DetrolTolterodine TartrateGET PRICE
DitropanOxybutynin ChlorideGET PRICE
DramamineDimenhydrinateGET PRICE
ExelonRivastigmineGET PRICE
FlorinefFludrocortisone AcetateGET PRICE
ImitrexSumatriptanGET PRICE
LasixFurosemide, FrusemideGET PRICE
MyambutolEthambutol HydrochlorideGET PRICE
NimotopNimodipineGET PRICE
OrapPimozideGET PRICE
PersantineDipyridamoleGET PRICE
PletalCilostazolGET PRICE
RifaterRifampin/Isoniazid/PyrazinamideGET PRICE
RocaltrolCalcitriolGET PRICE
StratteraAtomoxetineGET PRICE
TiclidTiclopidine HydrochlorideGET PRICE
UrecholineBethanechol ChlorideGET PRICE
UrispasFlavoxate HclGET PRICE
UrsoUrsodiolGET PRICE
VermoxMebendazoleGET PRICE
ZyloprimAllopurinolGET PRICE

Generic equivalent names in drugs category Other:

Generic NameBrand Name 
AllopurinolZyloprimGET PRICE
Alpha-Lipoic AcidGET PRICE
AmantadineGET PRICE
Ascorbic AcidGET PRICE
AtomoxetineStratteraGET PRICE
Bethanechol ChlorideUrecholineGET PRICE
CalcitriolRocaltrolGET PRICE
ChloroquineAralenGET PRICE
CilostazolPletalGET PRICE
DihydroergotoxineGET PRICE
DimenhydrinateDramamineGET PRICE
DiphenhydramineBenadrylGET PRICE
DipyridamolePersantineGET PRICE
Donepezil HclAriceptGET PRICE
Ethambutol HydrochlorideMyambutolGET PRICE
Flavoxate HclUrispasGET PRICE
Fludrocortisone AcetateFlorinefGET PRICE
Furosemide, FrusemideLasixGET PRICE
IsoniazidGET PRICE
MebendazoleVermoxGET PRICE
MelatoninGET PRICE
NimodipineNimotopGET PRICE
Oxybutynin ChlorideDitropanGET PRICE
PimozideOrapGET PRICE
PiracetamGET PRICE
Prochlorperazine MaleateCompazineGET PRICE
Rifampin/Isoniazid/PyrazinamideRifaterGET PRICE
RivastigmineExelonGET PRICE
SulbutiamineArcalionGET PRICE
SumatriptanImitrexGET PRICE
Ticlopidine HydrochlorideTiclidGET PRICE
TiotropiumGET PRICE
Tolterodine TartrateDetrolGET PRICE
Tranexamic AcidCyklokapronGET PRICE
UrsodiolUrsoGET PRICE

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